Card-Monroe Corp. Acquires Everworks Automation, Strengthens Position in Industrial Automation

(Left to Right:Charles Monroe (Co-Founder, CMC), Jeremy Steiner (President, Everworks Automation), Greg Pawson (CEO, CMC))

 Jan 8, 2024 - Card-Monroe Corp. announces that it has acquired Greenville, SC based automation company, Everworks Automation of South Carolina in what proves to be a strategic step forward for both companies.


Card-Monroe Corp. (CMC), based out of Chattanooga, TN is the world leader in tufting technology. Tufting is the modern process by which carpet and turf is manufactured. Founded in 1981 with industry heritage dating back even further, CMC’s tufting influence has captured the soft-surface flooring world with over 2,500 CMC machines in 38 countries. With a well-known reputation in the flooring industry for innovative, cutting-edge technology and unmatched service, CMC has capitalized on their success to become the premier manufacturer of tufting machines for carpet, rug, and artificial turf producers throughout the world.


The acquisition of Everworks Automation marks a significant milestone in Card-Monroe Corp.'s commitment to innovation, diversification, and sustained growth. With a solid reputation for precision engineering and cutting-edge technologies in tufting machinery, CMC recognizes the importance of staying at the forefront of industrial automation to meet the evolving needs of its global customer base. It is within the industrial automation industry that CMC is confident they found the perfect match in Everworks Automation.


Established in 2012, Everworks is a turnkey industrial automation systems company specializing in the design, build, and installation of robotic cells and automation equipment. Serving the industries of logistics, tire and rubber, food and beverage, automotive, chemical, general manufacturing and more, Everworks’ expertise in defining, designing and implementing Smart Manufacturing and process automation systems has greatly benefited their customers of which are many fortune 500 companies. Everworks' unique skills in automation are revolutionizing the manufacturing processes of some of the largest companies in the world.


“We are very excited about our future at CMC and identified Everworks as a perfect fit as we continue to grow,” says Greg Pawson, CEO of Card-Monroe Corp. “We believe that the core business of both CMC and now Card-Monroe Automation (rebranded from Everworks Automation) will flourish by leveraging each companies’ relationships, capabilities, and strengths.” Pawson noted that while it wasn’t the sole reason for this acquisition, he is eager to bring Card-Monroe Automation’s capability to CMC’s customers in the tufting industry. “The journey of carpet from an idea to the floor underneath your feet is extensive and goes through many processes on either side of the tufting machine along the manufacturing line. With Card-Monroe Automation we see great opportunity to now assist our customers in areas that extend beyond the tufting machine as carpet travels through the flooring process and we couldn’t be more excited.” Pawson also made sure to mention that, in addition to the flooring industry reaping the benefits of this acquisition, he believes the greater Chattanooga community will see a positive impact as well with more industrial opportunity in its future.

Jeremy Steiner, President of Everworks, now Card-Monroe Automation, shared Pawson’s sentiments in the excitement for the future, “I couldn’t be more thrilled with the fit that CMC and now Card-Monroe Automation are together” says Steiner. “This is a decision I did not take lightly as my team here in Greenville is of utmost importance to me.” he says. Steiner built Everworks from his dining room table in 2012 to a now 70-employee team at their Greenville facility. “Through our due diligence it became apparent that Greg and the leaders at CMC wanted to empower and grow what we are doing here in Greenville by utilizing our unique capabilities and shared strengths, not come in with sweeping changes.” says Steiner, “That is what made this opportunity with CMC unique, it was a perfect fit of company cultures where caring for one another is paramount and moving forward together, growing alongside one another is the aim. I’m confident that with the additional capabilities we now can provide each other we will both be able to better support our customers and push forward into some exciting opportunities.”


Card-Monroe Corp. and Card-Monroe Automation will continue to build on the legacy of both companies, offering a wide range of cutting-edge automation products and services. This strategic move will further enhance the capability to address the growing demands for smart, efficient, and interconnected manufacturing solutions across diverse industries. For additional information on CMC and now Card-Monroe Automation, you can visit their websites at and