Discover how our new CMC UK team can enhance your tufting experience and capability.

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Glen Sweeney

General MANAGER, Cmc uk

Global Expansion

We, at CMC, continue to explore ways in which to better serve our global customer base. CMC UK creates unique value for CMC and our customers. Glen, Hannah, and the rest of the CMC UK team allow us to conduct more effective sales and service support for our customers there. The new CMC UK team brings with them a wealth of industry experience and knowledge that will tremendously benefit CMC and our customers alike.

CMC Influence in the UK

The strategic investment to create a center of excellence in the UK ensures CMC can offer local technical service to our customers with the added benefit of industry process and knowledge. This enables our customers to know that CMC values the relationships in the UK and that it is our commitment to take care of customers there to the best of our ability after a machine sale.

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Hannah Davies

Office manager, cmc uk
parts help

Have a parts need or question for our UK team? Hannah Davies would be happy to assist you

CMC UK Facility

The CMC UK office is CMC's first brick-and-mortar location outside of the US. Having a physical presence in the UK was very important to us as we continue to grow as a global company. This allows our current connections in the surrounding area to grow even stronger and also gives us a great opportunity to develop new relationships as well.

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