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Currently CMC has over 2,500 state-of-the-art tufting machines in operation across 38 countries. These machines are shaping the future of soft-surface flooring. With industry leading technology, speed, and reliability combined with our always-ready service team we believe customers who invest in CMC machines can expect unrivaled capability and exceed production goals. Below you'll find some of the most popular tufting machines in the industry that are redefining the limits of what is possible in tufted carpets.

Woven-looking results

Tailored Loop Sets the Industry Standard

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An all new, revolutionary loop structure.  Achieve true single loop control with the machine that will change the landscape of the tufting industry.

About Tailored Loop

The Tailored Loop Machine has unlocked new design possibilities for every soft-surface floor covering application.  This is only the beginning as designers continues to discover new ways they can apply this machine's immense capability across markets. Because of Tailored Loop's ILC (Individual Looper Control) technology, perfect command of each individual stitch is now possible for the first time in the history of tufting. With it's capability to also utilize our patented Infinity and ColorPoint technology, Tailored Loop provides designers with limitless creative possibilities through it's unprecedented loop control.

Key Features
  • Revolutionary new loop structure
  • Precise single-loop control
  • One stitch textures
  • Flexible & versatile pattern capability
  • Commercial/Contract, Hospitality, High-end Residential, & Rug applications
  • Perfect control of each individual stitch allowing for superior high pile accuracy when tip-shearing
  • No transitional stitches
  • Enables perfect control of lower level pile height when upper level pile height is present
  • Doesn't torque or distort yarn
  • Unique textural effects
  • Ability to tuft all types of yarns including wool
  • Can be combined with our revolutionary ColorPoint technology
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"This Changes Everything..."


color point

Multiple colors, multiple pile heights, and true gauge density.  The most innovative tufting machine ever, period.

More details about ColorPoint

CMC's  patented ColorPoint tufting machine produces carpet that is more desirable and sophisticated - but with the agility and efficiency of a tufting machine. With ColorPoint, there are no buried yarn ends on the face, giving you full-gauge coverage and density. This means you can produce lower weight, better-performing constructions, with vivid colors, pinpoint accuracy, unmatched detail, and enhanced product durability. Our ColorPoint Machine comes in Loop or Cut & Loop models, making it perfect for the Hospitality, Contract, Residential, and Rug markets.

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Featured ColorPoint Machines

Two-Color ColorPoint

Two-Color ColorPoint is designed to tuft just two colors. This distinct approach is perfect for creating subtle styles that match consumer tastes. With no buried ends you get true machine gauge density. In addition, you can create a tweed look by combining the two colors into a single stitch location. If you are in search of new looks for the residential or hospitality market, the Two-Color ColorPoint may be the solution you and your customers are seeking.

ColorPoint Loop or Cut & Loop

With CMC's ColorPoint, you can manufacture all cut-pile multi-color products or you can produce patterns with varying amounts of cut and loop. This patented technology allows for multiple single-color concentration areas with 100% coverage. Using six different colors or more, you can tuft unprecedented loop pile construction and incredible multi-color patterns, including multiple pile heights in the loop-pile portion of a pattern.

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ColorPoint Loop

Introducing the Colorpoint Loop Machine. Our patented Colorpoint technology can now be used in a 1/10" or 1/12" gauge platform. The Colorpoint Loop machine gives carpet manufacturers the ability to use smaller denier yarns which translates to lighter weight (down to 10-13 ounces) carpet at full gauge coverage.

Key Features
  • Pattern capability previously only available from a loom
  • 100% full gauge coverage with no buried ends
  • Precise single penetration color placement
  • Remarkable ease of design
  • Unlimited variety of scale
  • Non-directional looks for carpet tile or broadloom
  • Produce unlimited patterns within the same color combinations
  • Immediately alternate pattern colors without changing the creel
Unlock New Possibilities with Hollow Needle

Explore a world of color with Hollow Needle


Feeling colorful? Go beyond the previous limits with CMC's 24-color capable Hollow Needle machine.

More details about Hollow Needle

CMC's Hollow Needle machine produces intricate carpet using an 8-color, 1" gauge with 24-color capabilities that allows designers to explore possibilities that simply weren't available to them previously.

Technical characteristics

In addition to its many colors, CMC's Hollow Needle can create a diverse range of products with its ability to tuft in all loop pile, all cut pile, or a combination of the two (cut/loop). Combine these abilities with Hollow Needle's 1200 RPM production capability and designers will be able to redefine the limits of what is achievable in production carpet.

Key Features
  • Programmable Gauge
  • 24-Color Capable
  • Speeds up to 1200 RPM (pattern dependent)
  • Adjustable (multiple) Pile Heights
  • Manually Adjustable Bedplate
  • Equipped with CMC's World Leading Infinity Yarn Control
  • Tufts in All-Loop, All-Cut, and Cut & Loop
  • Smaller Needle Diameter to Reduce Backing Distortion
top speeds

Concept 2023

Speed redefined with Concept 2023

More details about Concept 2023

CMC's new Concept 2023 tufting machine is the new standard in high-speed cut-pile tufting. With straight sew production speeds of up to 1800 RPM's at pile heights of 3/8" and 5/8", Concept 2023 accurately and efficiently produces carpet for both residential and automotive markets at a level that was previously unattainable.

Artificial grass

TurfMax 23

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The "workhorse" of turf machines. TurfMax 23 is a machine you can rely on to maximize your production capabilities.

More details about TurfMax 23

The "workhorse" of turf machines. TurfMax 23 is a machine you can rely on to maximize your production capabilities. Utilizing a new head design tailored specifically for turf market construction, TurfMax 23 is unmatched in artificial grass.

Tufting Machines tailored to your needs

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Wherever carpet, rugs or artifical turf is being tufted, you will find our machines.

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Contract Market

Styles are more important than ever in this market. From carpet tiles to patterned broadloom carpet, CMC tufting machines satisfy the demand for innovative styling in today's contract carpet market.


Hospitality Market

Distinctive styles and discerning taste are the hallmark of this market segment and Card-Monroe's tufting machine innovations answer this call.

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Residential Market

Whether your aim is high-end residential or multi-family apartments, keep your costs down with unmatched speeds and performance of CMC tufting machines.

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Turf Market

CMC is the world leader in the manufacturing of tufting machines for synthetic sport or landscape turf. Our turf machines reach speeds unrivaled in the industry.

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Checkout all of the markets we serve to find which machines best fit your application.

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