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Creative Tufting Center


Envision your most intricate carpet designs - how they look, how they feel. Now reach out and touch them.  

That's the premise behind our Creative Tufting Center in Chattanooga, where just a spark of imagination can become a reality in a matter of minutes. When you walk in, you will notice a complete range of CMC tufting machines in a clean, well-lit atmosphere. Sit down at a private design enclave where our in-house designers and application specialists are available for your assistance and collaboration. From there, you are free to explore a multitude of design options - varying colors, patterns, pile heights, and stitch arrangements.

Carpet will become your canvas with an endless palate of artistic possibilities at your fingertips and our tufting machines will turn these possibilities into a reality. It's the perfect opportunity to see your art come to life through the science of CMC ingenuity.  

For a designer, nothing is more inspiring than a clear, unobstructed vision, and nothing is more gratifying than seeing those visions come to life. 

Though customer preferences and popular designs can change in an instant, the importance of originality never ends. Groundbreaking design requires a seamless blend of art and science and a tool that can transform ideas into realities.  

Each one of our tufting machines and pattern attachments add another dimension of potential to your creativity so that your designs can be just as unique as your imagination. It's our technology that makes it possible, but it's your imagination that makes it art.

to visit our sampling center, contact:

Keith Askew

Manager, Creative Tufting Center

Phone: +1 (423) 842-3312

Email Keith


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USA: +1 800-262-8327
International: +1 423-842-3312


4841 Adams Road
Chattanooga (Hixson), TN 37343 USA
P. +1 423-842-3312 | F. +1 423-842-9572

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