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turf market

CMC is the world leader in the manufacturing of tufting machines for the synthetic turf market. Our turf machines reach speeds unrivaled in the industry, with other machines operating in the range of 200-300 RPMs. CMC's advanced turf machines give you the ability to operate at 600 RPMs - even while tufting pile heights of up to 2 & 5/8 inches (65 mm). This is twice the speed of other equipment, and that alone can double your productivity!



Vibration resistance with counter-rotating, counter-balancing needle drives.

Cut Pile Machine  

CMC's turf machines are unrivaled in the industry. We manufacture our machines to meet turf's special requirements, which include tufting pile heights up to 65mm and specifically designed yarn systems. Our machines utilize the patented Concept 2003 needle drive mechanism, along with other features like our Advanced Cutting System II, to give you the most complete and reliable cut-pile machine in the turf market. 


Yarn Control Attachment for Turf Machines: 

Comes with four, five-inch diameter rolls, for complete yarn delivery

Dual Yarn Feed

Our Dual Yarn Feed attachment comes equipped with four, five-inch diameter rolls, allowing for complete yarn delivery to the tufting zone. This attachment can be mounted on the front side, rear side, or both sides of the machine, depending upon your fabric construction needs. Also, CMC offers a quad-servo configuration, allowing for better yarn control when tufting multiple deniers.  

Performance features:

Command Performance
Linear UHD
Features for Turf


You can achieve the fastest operating speeds with CMC's Superspeed Compu-Cam Sliding Needle Bar Attachment. 

Compu-Cam Sliding Needle Bar Attachment

The Compu-Cam Sliding Needle Bar Attachment is the most advanced of its kind, engineered with speed and reliability in mind. It allows for increased operating speeds and longer cam follower life. This attachment eliminates the need for any adjustment of tension on the cam yoke roller. The Compu-Cam Sliding Needle Bar Attachment has low maintenance and there are no parts to remove when changing cams. 

Command Performance

Improves quality, efficiency, and serviceability by providing more precise machine control and on-board diagnostics. 

Command Performance

CMC's Command Performance is a computer controlled, servo-driven system that automates the setup and operation of the machine, providing great improvements in both efficiency and quality. The latest advancement maintains the familiar user interface while incorporating more efficient motors and servos, a reconfigured control cabinet, and maximum use of factory wired cables and connectors. 

Key features of the Command Performance system include: 

  • Greater precision = higher quality carpet
  • More efficient = energy saving performance
  • Faster, more reliable interconnections 
  • Standardized smaller footprint
  • Enhanced diagnostics and safety features
  • A single family of components across the system 

Linear UHD

Our Underhead Drive is more rigid than ever before.

Linear UnderHead Drive

The UnderHead Drive (UHD) of the tufting machine is primarily responsible for the omnidirectional movement of the needler as it stitches yarn into the carpet backing. The mobility is guided by a series of horizontal and vertical shifters and push rod feet. It is quieter when in motion and more rigid, giving you more precise control in the tufting zone. Grease fittings on these shifters allow for the continued maintenance of the component and reduces potential downtime.

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